Inspiring Innovation and Discovery through Education

Inspiring Innovation and Discovery through Education

The iMath K to 12 Curriculum Series comes into the series of Kinder 1 to Grade 10 following the competencies of the K to 12 Program prescribed by the Department of Education. The features built in this series will help every learner acquire the important skills and concepts they need. Each topic is thoroughly discussed and provided with numerous examples for better understanding of the learners. After every lesson are activities that will assess how the learners understood the topics.

Through this thoughtful work and support of the teachers and parents, it is our hope that learning mathematics will be exciting, enjoyable and effective.

The whole series are available both in the traditional Work-Textbook format, E-Book format, and LMS Courseware format.

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iMath Kinder 1


iMath Kinder 2


iMath 1


iMath 2


iMath 3


iMath 4