Inspiring Innovation and Discovery through Education

Inspiring Innovation and Discovery through Education

About Us

iBook Publishing, Inc. is one of the fastest growing providers of instructional technology curriculum courseware series for the private education sector in the Philippines. 

iBook distinguish itself as an innovative ICT & publishing company for education since 2008.

Together with our partners, we believe that integration of education and technology is essential for the formation of competitive individuals.

Our People

Our editors, marketing managers, professional sales consultants, production specialists and educational technology specialists are all empowered to find creative solutions to the world’s teaching and learning challenges. 

We’re passionate about creating new learning tools and resources that help instructors teach more efficiently and students learn more effectively. We support our products and services with an outstanding customer support team, committed to ensuring that you get maximum benefit from your iBook Curriculum Courseware series.

The ability to create innovative learning solutions begins with dedicated authors. At iBook Publishing, Inc., we’re proud of our author-partners and seek to maximize the ability to translate their expertise and knowledge into products and services that truly enhance both the teaching and learning experience.

Our Mission and Vision

As a company, iBook Publishing, Inc.'s mission is to make Filipino students globally competitive in all aspects of learning through the use of technology-enabled and integrated curriculum materials.

Our humble vision to effectively integrate technology to its fullest potential and uplift the standards of education in the Philippines.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability